Summertime Render

Summer Time Rendering

Other name: Summertime Render
Average Rating : 9.0 from 6 users.
New Episodes: Ep 25 Ep 24 Ep 23
Status: Completed
Total Episodes: 25
Last update: 1 year ago
Views: 3352
Authors: Yasuki Tanaka
Characters: Shinpei Ajiro Ushio Kofune Mio Kofune Hizuru Minakata Sō Hishigata Tokiko Hishigata Ginjirō Nezu Masahito Karikiri Tetsu Totsumura Shiori Kobayakawa Hiruko / Haine Seidō Hishigata Ryūnosuke Minakata Alan Kofune

Shinpei Ajiro

#Episode 26
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Comments (1)
  • whiterabbit97
    I already watched this elsewhere, But I gotta say...
    GOD THIS ANIME IS BEAUTIFUL... There was not any amount of slack in ANY of these episodes that Ive seen... This is Anime of the Year for me... Everybody else just fightin for second. Cant wait for the final one to see If he gotta do this all over again... Time is loopy af
    1 year ago

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